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Quotations & Prices

I am happy to give free estimates at your job location, or I can estimate from an emailed job description with photos as necessary (or by text message). I can either quote a reasonable hourly rate, with an overall estimate, or a fixed job price bid, whatever you prefer.  Call or send a text mesage to (360) 558-0620 or email to proficientplumbing@comcast.net

Because I am a sole operator and currently don’t use employees, I have

very low overhead expenses, and consequently very low prices,

especially when compared to the larger companies. Customers tell me

that even compared to other one-person companies, my rates are 30 to

50% less.

I also don’t believe that your service call should be used as a profit-

maximizing opportunity, and I will never try to sell you on work you don’t

need. I simply want to help you solve a problem, or do a home or

business improvement job in a way that doesn’t involve trying to

pressure you into spending more than you need or want to.

I also am perfectly fine with installing faucets, fixtures and other parts

that you have purchased from other sources. I can also supply many of

these items at prices that are below the big home and hardware stores.