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Customers who have found me online have commented that I have

some great reviews. I could spend a lot of time to track them down

and paste some of them here, but, frankly, they are more credible if

you actually find them. Anyone can put a bunch of made-up reviews

on their website, so, since you don’t know me yet, I won’t expect

you to trust reviews appearing on my website.

If you are more comfortable with actual customer opinions (and who isn’t?), I can give you many references of actual cutomers here in the greater Vancouver area who have used my services over the last several years. I also have two of my best cutomers in my previous state who actually have flown me there to do jobs for them because they are not happy with other plumbers they have tried since I moved away. I guess that would be the ultimate testimonial. In fact, as I write this, I am planning a trip to do just that, during a short break that I have in my work here.